Aruba Flag

Beautiful, high-quality nylon Aruba flags for mounting on most flagpoles. Choose your size and mounting type. Made in the USA!

  • Choose from various sizes and styles
  • Durable All-Weather Nylon
  • Digitally printed, single-reverse with four rows reinforced stitching for durability
  • Choose attachment type - Header and grommet for outdoor use, pole sleeve with fringe for indoor ornamental use
  • Made in USA

The flag of Aruba became official on March 18th in 1976. It's design is full of symbolism. The four pointed star represents the compass and it's color of red is for the love of country. The yellow stripes are for the free and separate position Aruba enjoys in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Yellow is considered the color of abundance and represents the island's past and it's industries of gold, aloe and oil. The white around the star represents the purity of heart and also the white beaches of the island. All of those are placed on a blue field white represents the sea which surrounds the beautiful island.

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Size Mounting Type Material Item Code Price
12x18" Header & Grommets Nylon e030244
2x3' Header & Grommets Nylon e030245
2x3' Pole Sleeve with Tab Nylon e030251
2x3' Pole Sleeve with Fringe Nylon e030256
3x5' Header & Grommets Nylon e030247
3x5' Pole Sleeve with Tab Nylon e030253
3x5' Pole Sleeve with Fringe Nylon e030258
4x6' Header & Grommets Nylon e030248
4x6' Pole Sleeve with Tab Nylon e030254
4x6' Pole Sleeve with Fringe Nylon e030259
5x8' Header & Grommets Nylon e030249
6x10' Header & Grommets Nylon e035014