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Which flagpole to buy is often as personalized a question as which car to buy, and we will work with you to make sure the pole you buy is the pole you need.

Please give us as much information as possible so we'll be able to quote exactly what you want. If we need more information, we'll need to be able to contact you. This form will also give you an idea of all the things you can specify when ordering a flagpole from us. The required information is indicated by a red asterisk (*).

How can we contact you?

We will not give your email address to any other company for any reason.

What kind of flagpole are you interested in?

Following is the information required for one flagpole (or group of like poles). If you would like to have additional poles included in your quote, please described them in the "additional information" section below. Please be sure to include all the information requested in this section for each additional pole (or group of like poles).

You can choose a standard color from the lists here, or we can paint (topcoat/powdercoat/anodized depending on the material) your pole any color you wish.

Aluminum Colors

Fiberglass Colors

Flagpoles can have the halyard in either in- or outside the pole. If theft or vandalism is a concern in your area, you may want to consider an internal halyard.

Extra information

The freight price depends on whether the pole is being delivered to a commercial or residential address.

Each flagpole comes with a free US flag, appropriately sized for your flagpole. Would you like any others? Please mention the flag and size. Popular choices are military or state flags. Click here for a list of flagpole sizes and their appropriate flag sizes. (Note: no flag should be larger than the U.S. flag in the same display area.)

We offer installation service for our customers around the Albany, New York area. Our standard price is good for any location within a 30-mile radius from our location in East Greenbush, though we have been known to travel outside of this radius. Would you like us to include the price of installation in your quote?

We have put together an educational packet of flagpole information. Would you like this to be (snail)mailed to you with your quote? Please be sure to include your mailing address either above in your contact information or below in the "additional information" section.

If you answered "Other" for any answer above, or you would like additional poles in your quote, please describe below. Enter any additional information you would like to give us to help complete your quote.

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Please make sure that all the information we should known has been entered above. Then, press "Request Quote" to send us your quote. If we find that any necessary information is missing, we'll ask you to enter that information.