Our Top 25 Most Popular Products

By all other accounts it was a pretty typical day in June of 1993 when Gettysburg Flag® Works came to be. If you were to ask its founder, Mike Cronin, what that day was like, he certainly would say it was anything but typical.

25 years later, GFW is still going strong and has grown from serving only the local community to serving the world.

Celebrating 25 Years with Our Top 25 Products

In light of this momentous occasion, we’ve put together a list of our TOP 25 most popular products. These products have sustained us but more importantly these products have given our customers the ability to share their pride, to honor their loved ones, and to support their country.

1. Battle-Tough® American Flag

Lightweight, long lasting, reinforced stitching.  We’re so proud of this flag, we gave it it’s own name.

Battle Tough American Flag

2. Heavy Duty Polyester American Flag

Best in high wind, durable, the right choice for larger poles or windy locations.

Heavy duty polyester American flag

3. All-Weather Nylon American Flag

Bright colors, quick drying, dances in the breeze.

All Weather Nylon American Flag

4. Bike Flag & Rod

Multi-purpose, attention grabbing, location marking.

Bike Flag & Rod

5. Easy Order Flag Poles

All-inclusive price, shipped right to your door.

Easy order flag pole outside of a home with an American Flag on it
6. Firemen Stick Flag

To honor and remember our first responders.

Fireman Stick Flag

7. Aluminum Spinning Pole

Best non-tangle pole on the market.

Aluminum Spinning Flag Pole

8. Blank Flags

Giving you the template to create your own art.

Blank flags

9. Worry Free American Flag Set

Everything you need, pre-assembled and ready for installation.

Worry Free American Flag set

10. Light Pole Flag Set

Turn your downtown into a patriotic showcase.

Light pole flag set

11. WWII Grave Marker

Remembering the Greatest Generation.

WWII Grave Marker

12. American Indoor Flag Set

Formal presentation for office & school.

American Indoor Flag Set

13. POW/MIA Flag

Distinctive design to remember prisoners of war or those missing in action.


14. Irish Parade Sash

Hand sewn, vibrant and durable.

Irish Parade Sash

15. Flagpole Halyard

Woven with synthetic material to last for years.

Flag Pole Halyard

16. American Stick Flag

USA made for gravesite, parade or yard décor.

American Stick Flag

17. Beaded Retainer Rings

Keeps things running smoothly on your internal flagpole.

Beaded Retainer Rings

18. Revere Solar Light

No wiring needed, keeps the flag flying all night long.

Revere Solar Light

19. Patriotic Pleated Fans

Colonial charm for your home or business.

Patriotic Pleated Fans

20. US (double) Lapel Pin

Not just for politicians. Made in the USA with fine epoxy finish.

US Flag Lapel Pin

21. Thin Blue Line & American Flag Lapel Pin

Showing support for those in the line of duty.

Thin Blue Line & American Flag Lapel Pin

22. Customizable Bike Flag

Design it your way. For kids, businesses or just for fun.

Customizable bike flags

23. Bracket

Securing your pole and giving you adjustment options.

Flagpole bracket

24. Blank Nylon Golf Flag

A blank canvas that’s multi-purpose.

Blank Nylon Golf Flag
25. American Boat Flag

Durable patriotism out on the water.

American Boat Flag

Celebrate 25 Years with Us! Shop Our Most Popular Products Today!

These 25 products have helped thousands of people to display their flags and decorate their lives with what’s important and meaningful to them. Plus, they’ve helped us to make our business what it is today!

To celebrate our 25 year milestone, we’re offering deals and discounts galore! Need a flag product? Shop our full selection of products today!

Have questions? Wondering if we have the specific product you need? Give us a call at 1-888-697-3524 or contact us online and we’ll be in touch with the information you’re looking for!

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