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As Marketing Manager, Maria handles all things marketing & advertising for Gettysburg Flag Works. She strives to grow the business with targeted campaigns and effective promotions. Before joining GFW, Maria worked in a variety of marketing roles from category management to sales and marketing research. Maria also teaches an evening Advertising course at HVCC. Maria holds a Masters in Business Administration from SUNY Albany and an undergraduate in Business with a concentration in Marketing from LeMoyne College. Outside of work, Maria enjoys time with her two boys Quinn & Declan, Saratoga race track with her husband Brian, and taking excursions with her friends & family.
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Maine’s Original State Flag: A Comeback Story

Original Maine State flag featuring a blue north star and a green pine tree on a beige background

Maine’s current state flag is a standard blue flag with the state coat of arms in the middle. It’s a flag that can hardly be distinguished from more than a dozen other state flags with similar designs. But Maine’s state flag wasn’t always this way. More than one hundred years ago, Maine was represented by… continue

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Grandma was a Gold Star Mother

By MariAgnes Malkonian Saluting my Gold Star Mother Grandmother, Agnes Cervo Stevens, who were she still alive, would be 111 years old! Grandma was tall, with blue eyes and blonde hair and I am honored to be her namesake. Agnes was many things. She was a wife and mother of four children, including my Mom-… continue

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The Liberty Flag of Schenectady

Before the American Flag as we know it was designed to represent the United States, several other flags were created to represent our country and its storied history. Many of these flags were designed with our struggles for freedom in mind, showcasing the many efforts that were made to escape British interference. Dozens of local… continue

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Which Flag Material Is Right For Me?

One of the questions we get asked most frequently here at Gettysburg Flag Works is “what type of flag material is right for me?” There are a lot of options out there when it comes to what flags are made of, so this is definitely a valid question, and a good one to ask if… continue