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As Marketing Manager, Maria handles all things marketing & advertising for Gettysburg Flag Works. Before joining GFW, Maria worked in a variety of marketing roles from category management to sales and marketing research. Maria holds a Masters in Business Administration from SUNY Albany and an undergraduate in Business with a concentration in Marketing from LeMoyne College. Outside of work, Maria enjoys time with her two boys Quinn & Declan, Saratoga race track with her husband Brian, and taking excursions with her friends & family.

May 15: Peace Officers Memorial Day

Peace Officers Memorial Day. May 15. Holiday concept.

You’ve likely heard of Memorial Day, but have you heard of Peace Officers Memorial Day? This observance takes place in the United States each year on May 15th, just a couple of short weeks before Memorial Day weekend.  Recognizing Peace Officers on May 15 Though it is not a federal public holiday in the United… continue

Decorating With Flags

Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of V-J Day

V-J Day, short for “Victory Over Japan” Day, is the day that Japan surrendered, effectively ending World War II. The term is used interchangeably for August 14-15, 1945, on which Japan ceased fighting and the White House announced their surrender, and September 2, when Japan’s formal surrender was made in Tokyo Bay onboard the U.S.S…. continue


Staying United During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has affected every aspect of American life. From the closing of schools and churches to the shutdown of gyms, restaurants and bars, Americans are feeling isolated and anxious. As we all adjust to this new normal – practicing social distancing, working and schooling from home, employing self-quarantines – it becomes increasingly difficult… continue

History Lessons

The Battle of Plattsburgh & Its Unusual Flag

Battle of Plattsburgh Veterans Exempt Flag

Fought between the Americans and the British in the Great Lakes Region of New York State during the War of 1812, the Battle of Plattsburgh has all the makings of a great movie plot. Especially if (spoiler alert) you like when the underdog wins. It has intrigue, strategy, an interesting cast of characters, and even… continue