History Lessons

History lessons is a grouping of historical stories and tidbits. The topics range from the American Civil War through interesting items from around the world. Please use the comments area to ask questions and make suggestions for future topics.

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Telling The World’s Stories with Custom Banners

“This isn’t going to be easy…They don’t look-it, but they’re complicated banners.” A feeling of excitement filled the room – our seamstress eager for the challenge of creating custom banners for the Smithsonian Museum. An exhibit that would tell a story of U.S. imperialism centered around the year 1898. What was special about the year… continue

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A Rare Historical Flag Collection in Albany, NY

The Best Flag Collection In The World! Today, in a seemingly forgotten room on the first floor of the Capitol building of New York, a treasure of worn, tattered, and truly historic flags sits idle. A flag collection boasting over 2,000 flags dating as far back as the War of 1812. Established in 1863, The… continue

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The ‘Don’t Give Up the Ship’ Flag: Unfurling the Historical Legacy of a Timeless Banner

blue 'don't give up the ship' flag hanging from a pole mounted to a small bown house in front of verdant woods

From the stars and stripes of the United States to the Union Jack of the UK, flags are symbols that represent the ideals, the struggles, and the spirit of people groups everywhere.  Among these, the “Don’t Give Up the Ship” flag holds a special place, because overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds takes incredible resilience and determination…. continue