History Lessons

As Revolution ended, flags were flying

A portrait by James Peale of Washington at Yorktown shows British and Hessian flags at his feet.

In October 1781, as the American Revolution neared its conclusion in Yorktown, Virginia, an observer noticed the role flags played on both the American and British sides. That observer, 235 years ago, was St. George Tucker, a noted lawyer who was a lieutenant general on General George Washington’s staff. He kept a journal of events… continue

History Lessons

Four presidents oversee plenty of flags

Rushmore flags

Seventy-five years ago, one of the world’s most astonishing man-made creations was dedicated: Mount Rushmore. Thirty-five years later, the four presidents carved there would look down on another tribute to the nation: the Avenue of Flags, colorful reminders of the country served by the stony quartet. Mount Rushmore was conceived in the 1920s by Doane… continue

Flag Information

All About Awareness Ribbon Flags

pink ribbon flag flying

How and Why to Fly Awareness Flags The first step to solving any problem is making sure that people know it exists. There are a lot of different ways to raise awareness, but flags and banners have proven themselves to be among the most popular and effective in recent years. These flags range from the… continue