Choosing the Right In-Ground Flagpole: Understanding Your Options

Easy order flag pole outside of a home with an American Flag on itThere are a lot of options to consider when it comes to choosing a flagpole. From the different finishes available to the various types of mechanisms, you might be surprised at the variety of factors you’ll need to take into account as you’re selecting the best flagpole for your specific use.

At Gettysburg Flag Works, we’re passionate about all things flag-related – including flagpoles! We carry a wide variety of residential and commercial flagpoles, and are experts when it comes to helping you choose the ideal flagpole to meet your specific needs.

Here, we’ll review a few of the key factors to consider as you’re selecting a flagpole, and review some of our most in-ground flagpoles.

Things to Consider When Selecting an In-Ground Flagpole

There are a number of different elements that make up in-ground flagpoles. Some of the most important aspects to consider as you’re making your selection are:


In-ground flagpoles are typically constructed of aluminum or fiberglass. Generally, fiberglass can handle a much higher wind load and is often used near high wind locations and near the ocean. Aluminum poles are more substantial looking metal poles, and are frequently used for commercial applications. Finally, steel poles are generally used for “monster” flagpoles, greater than 80’ tall. Steel poles are very strong, but exceptionally heavy, and require a great deal of skill and labor to install.


Another thing to consider when it comes to choosing a flagpole is size, or height. In ground flagpoles are sized in five foot increments up to 50’, increasing to 10’ increments beyond that. Most residential flagpoles installed are between 15’ and 25’ in height, depending on whats right for each location. We have had some homeowners choose to go big or go home and install 40’ poles in their front yards, but generally you need to be careful not to overwhelm the scale of your home.

Raising and Lowering the Halyard (flagpole rope)

The flagpole mechanism consisting of the cleat and halyard will either be located on the outside of the pole (externally) or inside the pole (internally) External mechanisms are fine in most scenarios and for most homeowners. For high traffic or commercial locations, many customers choose internal mechanisms as the access to the flag can be secured with a locking door. Internal mechanisms are operated either by an internal cleat system or by a winch handle pole, where the flag is cranked up and down mechanically.


Aluminum flagpoles come stock in a silver satin finish, but can be anodized with a protecive color coating at an additional cost. Aluminum poles can also be powdercoated in any paint color imaginable. Fiberglass poles generally are available in white, but can sometimes be painted to specific colors at additional cost.

Wind Speed Rating

In-ground flagpoles are often wind tested and rated to give you a sense of how they will handle wind speed while they are displaying a flag. Depending on the weather conditions where you live, you may want to take wind speed rating into consideration. Refer to the windspeed map of the US (LOCATED HERE).

Popular In-Ground Flagpoles from Gettysburg Flag Works

While we carry a wide variety of different flagpoles, including indoor flagpoles, house-mounted flagpoles and others, a handful of our in-ground flagpoles are among our most popular options.

Check out the video and content below for a quick overview of three of our top in-ground flagpoles.

Single-Piece Satin Aluminum 20-Foot Flagpole

This flagpole is a good choice for most people in most residences in most locations throughout the US. It’s perfect for flying a traditional 3’ x 5’ flag, but can accommodate more than one flag as well.

It has an external mechanism, meaning the cleat and halyard are mounted on the outside, and has a stylish shiny silver finish. It has a standard wind rating of about 80mph and a lifetime warranty on the 20’ shaft! Best of all its 100% made in the USA>

Learn more about our Easy Order 20’ Aluminum Flagpole here.

Single-Piece White Fiberglass 20-Foot Flagpole

This is another external flagpole with the rope and cleat on the outside of the pole. It has a wind speed rating of about 150mph with a flag, making it a great choice for windy locations. Because it’s made of fiberglass, it’s also a bit stronger than the aluminum poles. It’s wider base and more substantial look make it a good option for both businesses and residences.

This in-ground flagpole is a bit unique in that it’s a hinge-based flagpole. Instead of being installed directly into the ground, it is installed on a series of bolts. The nuts can be loosened so the flagpole can be tipped downward for easy maintenance and upkeep. Also 100% made in the USA with a  20 year warranty against defect on the flagpole shaft.

Learn more about our Easy Order 20’ Fiberglass Flagpole here.

Single-Piece Satin Aluminum 25-Foot Flagpole

This flagpole is more of a commercial flagpole that’s ideal for businesses and other organizations. It’s a bit taller than those previously mentioned, and it differs in that the mechanism for the halyard and cleat are inside the pole. It features a locking mechanism so you can ensure that no one messes with your flag, which makes it especially great for theft deterrence in high-traffic areas.

Searching for the Perfect Flagpole? We Can Help!

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