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History Lessons

Finally, flags made in America

Raising a flag at the Pentagon

If you go to the website of Congressman Mike Thompson of California, you’ll see several flags. A U.S. flag flies, appropriately, on his banner. You click on another flag to get information for veterans. Guidelines can also be found for arranging to receive an Old Glory that was flown over the U.S. Capitol. There is… continue

History Lessons

Which anthem is national?

The arrival of 2014 brings the bicentennial of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” The words were written by Francis Scott Key in September 1814. As the specific date draws nearer, more and more attention will be focused on the song. It took a long time to officially designate it as the official National Anthem. That didn’t happen… continue

History Lessons

Mystical night, magical tune

Perhaps the most famous march composed by John Philip Sousa, the celebrated March King, is “The Stars and Stripes Forever,” a tribute to the American flag. One of the least-known aspects of the tune is that it originated on Christmas Day in a mysterious fashion. Sousa’s childhood during the Civil War was marked by marches… continue

History Lessons

Thanksgiving stuffed with flags

By James Breig In 1863, 150 years ago, the midpoint of the Civil War brought the Battle of Gettysburg, the Gettysburg Address – and a Thanksgiving proclamation by President Abraham Lincoln. Although written by his Secretary of State, the document went out as “by the President of the United States of America,” who invited “my fellow… continue

History Lessons

Flags surrounded Gettysburg Address

By James Breig Seven score and ten years have rolled by since Nov. 19, 1863, when the most famous speech in American history was delivered by President Abraham Lincoln in Gettysburg, Pa. Pressed in by a crowd eager to hear his remarks and surrounded by flapping flags, the Great Emancipator intoned the immortal words: “Four score… continue