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History Lessons

Give a flag to friends and family for holidays

Jack Warner (left) accepts a Victory flag from the Merchant Marines

The approach of Christmas and Hanukkah provides an opportunity to give friends and family members a flag, especially if they are now – or once were – in the military. The options are many in a year when three branches of the military are marking a significant anniversary: U.S. MARINES The U.S. Marine Corps was… continue

History Lessons

Fire stations famously fly flags

A modern Slackwood fire helment.

More than a century ago, the dedication of a firehouse in New Jersey was a major extravaganza, complete with – as a newspaper headlined – “New Fire House, New Fire Engine, New Flag and Big Time.” On the first Saturday in August 1907, the citizens of Slackwood, N.J., gathered to celebrate the completion of the… continue

History Lessons

Colleges and flea markets have flags in common

At this time of year, hundreds of thousands of Americans are traveling around the country for two purposes: first, stopping at flea markets and antique shows while on vacation; and, second, delivering their children to college. Either way, they’re going to see flags. The American flag is a popular decoration at flea markets. Many vendors… continue

History Lessons

American flags prominent in Grant’s funeral

On July 23, 1885, Ulysses S. Grant died in a small cottage atop Mount McGregor in upstate New York. He had gone there to complete his memoirs as cancer ravaged him. He succeeded, just as he had in winning the Civil War two decades earlier. In both victories, American flags played major roles. When word… continue