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History Lessons

DAR presents ABCs of flags

In 1912, DAR members raised flags.

A century ago, in its annual report about its many efforts to promote patriotism, the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) listed a “Flag Alphabet Acrostic.” It used the 26 letters of the alphabet to teach about the American flag and flag etiquette. The DAR has been committed to promoting the American flag since its… continue

History Lessons

Firemen and flags unite in sorrow and joy

A fireman around the 1860s

Picture a fireman. You see a helmet and hose, right? But do you also see an American flag? Based on these stories from the past, you should. The examples come from 150, 100 and 70 years ago. 1865 William Hoover, a Philadelphia fireman, left his job in 1862 to sign up with the 99th Pennsylvania… continue

History Lessons

Waving flag at Oscar ceremony

Movie buffs know that many memorable moments have occurred during the annual presentation of the Academy Awards, such as the surprise appearance of a streaker and, far more seriously, the first time a Black actress won an Oscar. One great moment, however, has been forgotten: the time two actors in uniform waved an American flag…. continue

History Lessons

To play or not to play National Anthem

Just before America’s entry into World War II in 1941, the New York Philharmonic found itself in a dispute over the placing of two American flags on its stage and the playing of the National Anthem before every concert. It was up to Arthur Judson, manager of the orchestra, to answer pro and con letters…. continue