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Flag-waving day born 11/11/1918

By James Breig On Nov. 11, 1918, the citizens of Anaconda, Montana, held an impromptu parade. Among the prominent participants was William Tell Moore, a black constable. Carrying a large American flag, he led a delegation of black citizens “in a manner that personified dignity and patriotism,” said a newspaper. The occasion was the first Armistice Day,… continue

History Lessons

Sheet music covered with flags

By James Breig John Philip Sousa, the composer, was dubbed “The March King” for his many flag-related and patriotic melodies. So maybe E.T. Paull should be nicknamed “The March Prince.” Now long forgotten, Paull was a major figure in music in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Recently, Bill Edwards wrote a book about… continue

History Lessons

Flags of patriotism, sorrow and victory

By James Breig In August 1943, as World War II reached its midpoint, a soldier stationed in England sent a letter to his mother in New York State and adorned it with a crudely drawn American flag. For reasons unknown to anyone but him, Pvt. Donald Bell did not write anything about his life, England… continue

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Memorial Day

flags are placed in front of graves to honor fallen soldiers who will be remembered on Memorial Day May 31, 2004.

By Cheryl Rings Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day and although there are many conflicting stories on it’s beginnings, most of them agree that it began as a day set aside to honor the soldiers who had fallen in service during the civil war.  Dates and specific groups of soldiers are what separates many of… continue

History Lessons

Wrapped in a flag

The expression “he wrapped himself in the flag” has a negative connotation that implies someone is using patriotism to disguise baser motives. In the 19th century, however, some people – most of them military figures — were literally wrapped in flags as part of their funeral ceremonies. In 1840, for instance, the last request of… continue