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The Secret History of the Pledge of Allegiance

Pledge Of Allegiance 1892

Most Americans are taught the Pledge of Allegiance as young students, eager to pay tribute to their flag and their country. However, few Americans really know how the Pledge got its start. The Pledge of Allegiance has had a very interesting history. The pledge was born in 1892 when Francis Bellamy, a Baptist minister, created… continue

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The Evolution of the American Flag

Betsy Ross Flag

The American flag is one of the most recognizable flags in the world. With its trademark white and red stripes and 50 bold stars, it’s hard to imagine it looking any other way.  However, the American flag wasn’t always the stars and stripes we know today. In fact, the U.S. flag has gone through many changes – 26 to be… continue

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Waving Bunker Hill flag – if there was one

Bunker Hill Flag (red version)

June 14 is Flag Day and June 17 marks the 240th anniversary of the Battle of Bunker Hill in 1775, one of America’s early steps toward independence from Great Britain. So this is an appropriate time to link the two. Or maybe not. Some scholars think that the American forces had no flag to wave… continue

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Rhode Island took decades to get flag

Rhode Island flag

In 1664, when it was a British colony, Rhode Island quickly came up with a one-word slogan: “Hope.” Then things slowed down. It just squeaked onto the list of the first states in the Union, and it took forever to design a state flag. Even then, R.I. couldn’t make up its mind. Rhode Island became… continue

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How Florida fiddled with state flag

One hundred and seventy years ago – in 1845 – Florida entered the United States as its 27th member and designed a state flag that failed almost immediately. Ever since, Florida has been fiddling with its banner. The first flag carried a motto – “Let Us Alone” – that many people found offensive. A Vermont… continue