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20 Discounts for Veterans and Military on Veterans Day 2016


At Gettysburg Flag Works, we salute our veterans and appreciate the sacrifices our military heroes have made for us all. In honor of Veterans Day, we have compiled a list of Veterans Day discounts for Veterans and military members. Take a look at some of the many perks for veterans on Veterans Day below! 2016 Veterans… continue

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International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Arrrrrrr Matey… It’s been hundreds of years since pirates sailed the Spanish Main, but lately they’ve been more popular than ever. Some of that popularity probably comes from the fact that most people don’t need to deal with pirates anymore. After all, it’s easier to like them when they aren’t boarding your ship and taking… continue

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American Flags: Symbols of the 50 States of the U.S.

A mural depicts the first raising of the bear flag

More people are likely familiar with the American flag, but each state also has its own, individualistic flag. Each flag of every U.S. state demonstrates a huge array of regional influences and area histories. Each state flag also shows hugely different design principles and styles. Many of the flags of each state date back to about the 1890s, when every… continue

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A Guide to American War and Military Memorials

An American flag is raised over ruins of Shuri Castle

Throughout human history, wars have been fought over many different types of circumstances. Some cultures have commemorated their victories with monuments or other types of permanent structures. In many cases, the monuments or memorials serve to pay homage to the lives lost in the service of the military branch or country that fought in the… continue

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An American Flag Timeline

The United States flag has changed 63 times over the past 235 years. As the original thirteen colonies established their presence in America, they started to develop new designs that would represent their loyalty and unity. The modern American flag has evolved to symbolize freedom, justice, and prosperity. Most modern Americans would not recognize some of the… continue