Freedom for Hostages & Wrongful Detainees

“Uhh okay”, you say. After all, you didn’t do anything wrong and that will be easy to explain.

You were enjoying your stay in a foreign country. Now, you’re confused, worried and feel the panic rising: this misunderstanding just turned into going to jail. 

For some unfortunate American’s, this is a reality that can last for weeks, years, and even decades. It’s hard to imagine your freedom getting taken away from you so easily. We take Freedom for granted here in the US, but it can be a fickle thing that isn’t guaranteed in certain places across the globe.

A movement to free wrongfully detained Americans has taken hold in the American political system. “Bring our Families Home” is an organization made up of the family members of those who have been taken by foreign countries in corrupt ways. They continued to actively campaign for attention and advocate for their loved one’s release. 

Their campaigning and pleas for help have been effective as evidenced by the passage of new legislation to shower attention on the plight of detained Americans’.  March 9, 2024 

will be the first time that “National Hostage and Wrongful Detainee Day” will be observed. Moving forward, every March 9th will be a recognized day at the federal level. That same legislation dictates  specific government buildings to fly the new Hostage and Wrongful Detainee” flag on select days. The goal is to raise awareness of the issue for all citizens of our United states and, ultimately, bring our missing loved ones home. 

Federal buildings including the White House and US Capitol Building are now required to fly the flag every March 9th, Flag Day and Independence Day. This flag will now serve as a reminder to help raise awareness for these absent Americans. 


If you have any information regarding detained persons or hostages abroad, reach out to the BOFH organizers and they will get you connected with the right people. 

Stay up to date with all parts of this movement by donating here or following @bofhcampaign on instagram or twitter.      

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