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History Lessons

Truce flags summoned Christmas peace

It happened 100 years ago on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Soldiers from England, France and Germany, who had been killing one another in the trenches of World War I, stopped for a brief time. Hoisting white truce flags, they crawled over the tops of their trenches. The spontaneous event is known as the Christmas… continue

History Lessons

Tribe massacred despite American flag | Sand Creek

In late 1864, the Civil War was nearing its end. For nearly four years, American flags and Confederate banners had been flying above frays fought mainly on the East Coast. Another battle, which occurred in the Far West, involved flags that were ignored. Unrelated to the war, Federal troops descended on hundreds of Cheyenne and… continue

Flag Information

Discovering the New York State Flag – Part 1

Gettysburg Flag Works is just a skip and a hop (over the Hudson River) from Albany, the capital city of the State of New York.  For that reason, just a month ago, we were called in to assist on a news story relating to one design element in the state flag.  The story goes, that… continue

History Lessons

Famous bridge opens; infamous Nazi flag is ripped

A flag and a famous bridge were recently linked when two German artists/activists climbed the Brooklyn Bridge to fling two white-washed American flags to the breeze. They later claimed that they were honoring “the beauty of public space” and saluting the German-born architect who designed the span. In 1937, another famous bridge, on the verge… continue

History Lessons

Long-lost film features flag | 1924 World Series

This year’s World Series will sport many flags – American flags and red-white-and-blue bunting, of course, but also the pennants and banners of baseball teams. Just in time for the fall classic, a lost film has surfaced from 90 years ago, and it shows a prominent Old Glory. The silent movie is the only known… continue