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History Lessons

Give a flag to friends and family for holidays

Jack Warner (left) accepts a Victory flag from the Merchant Marines

The approach of Christmas and Hanukkah provides an opportunity to give friends and family members a flag, especially if they are now – or once were – in the military. The options are many in a year when three branches of the military are marking a significant anniversary: U.S. MARINES The U.S. Marine Corps was… continue

History Lessons

Holocaust survivors thanked GI with American flag

Sgt. Hall's photo at the ceremony. (U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum)

Kyra Schuster, a curator at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., recently took part in a once-in-a-lifetime experience when the family of Sgt. Donald Hall donated an American flag. It was given to the WWII soldier 70 years ago by survivors of Langenstein, a Nazi concentration camp. Schuster agreed to answer some… continue

History Lessons

Windy City flutters many flags

Chicago's city flag. (Chicago Public Library)

Chicago is known as the Windy City, and its unique history of flags – from a poet who was intensely interested in them to a football stadium that honors veterans – has given those breezes plenty of cloth to play with. The poet, Wallace Rice, was born in 1860, the year another Illinois resident, Abraham… continue

Flag Information

An American Flag Timeline

The United States flag has changed 63 times over the past 235 years. As the original thirteen colonies established their presence in America, they started to develop new designs that would represent their loyalty and unity. The modern American flag has evolved to symbolize freedom, justice, and prosperity. Most modern Americans would not recognize some of the… continue

History Lessons

How Wright and Whistler flew and drew flags

Wright flies around flag on Statue of Liberty island in 1909. (Library of Congress)

Wilbur Wright, the 20th-century co-inventor of the airplane, and James McNeill Whistler, the 19th-century painter, seem unlikely candidates to have a connection to flags. But, if you have sharp vision, you can see that they do. WRIGHT’S DARING FLIGHT On October 4, 1909, Wright took off from Governor’s Island in the Hudson River near Manhattan…. continue