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“This We’ll Defend”… since 1775

army painting

“Back in 1775, my Marine Corps came alive. First, there came the color red…” Actually, first…there came the Army. I love the Corps and I loved wearing the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor. But the Marines weren’t the first to fight in the Revolutionary War. That honor goes to the Army. On June 14th, the United… continue

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Blue Star Flags Show Support for Service Members

mothers flag

If your son or daughter is serving in the military during a time of war or open conflict, you can show your support by displaying a ‘blue star flag,’ or service star flag, in their honor. Military service star banners first appeared in 1917, when an Army captain wanted to show his pride in his… continue

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Give a flag to friends and family for holidays

Jack Warner (left) accepts a Victory flag from the Merchant Marines

The approach of Christmas and Hanukkah provides an opportunity to give friends and family members a flag, especially if they are now – or once were – in the military. The options are many in a year when three branches of the military are marking a significant anniversary: U.S. MARINES The U.S. Marine Corps was… continue

History Lessons

Service flags honor family members

In July 1917, Mrs. Charles Signer of Olympia, Washington, did something involving a flag that was worthy of attention in the newspaper. But her action didn’t include the American flag. Rather, it focused on a flag that was brand new to the world. “First Service Flag Will Be Hoisted in Olympia” read the headline. Mrs…. continue


Military Service Member Gift Guide

The holidays are rolling around again, as evidenced by the store shelves near you already decorated in their Christmas glory. Never-mind that Halloween hasn’t happened yet, nor Thanksgiving. It seems that the fall and winter holidays have merged over the years. Soon we’ll be calling it Hallo-give-me-a-xmas-gift-newyear and “celebrating” from September through January. This would be fine… continue