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History of Memorial Day

While largely accepted as the unofficial kick off to summer, Memorial Day has a much greater significance for our country and those who have served in the U.S. Military. Since the mid-1860s, Americans have gathered in late May to honor those who have given their lives in service to their country. Origin of Memorial Day… continue

History Lessons

Memorial Day, Clara Barton and flags

Decoration Day parade in Texas in 1916, 100 years ago (Library of Congress)

Three major national holidays that unfurl flags are fast approaching: Memorial Day at the end of May, Flag Day on June 14 and the Fourth of July. The problem with such familiar occasions is that we often forget their original meaning and focus instead on picnics and fireworks. Shortly after the Civil War, Memorial Day… continue

History Lessons

Memorial Day, a time for flags

This weekend, at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, military personnel will place more than 275,000 flags in front of grave markers. The ceremony, known as “flags in,” will be imitated throughout the United States.   Memorial Day, May 26 this year, is a chance to remember lost veterans, especially those who died in combat, as… continue

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Memorial Day

flags are placed in front of graves to honor fallen soldiers who will be remembered on Memorial Day May 31, 2004.

By Cheryl Rings Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day and although there are many conflicting stories on it’s beginnings, most of them agree that it began as a day set aside to honor the soldiers who had fallen in service during the civil war.  Dates and specific groups of soldiers are what separates many of… continue