Showing Your School Spirit with Custom Flags

Every college has its own culture and history that that leaves an indelible mark on its students. It’s natural for you to be proud of that history and your connection to it, and there are plenty of times when it is appropriate to show that pride to the world.

embroidered school productsMany people choose to wear their school’s colors to special events or to wear a shirt embroidered with the school’s mascot, but there are alternatives for people who want something a little more impressive. If you want to show off your college pride and school spirit to the world, you should consider flying custom college flags with your school’s symbols on them.

Flags for Sports

school mascot flagSporting events offer some of the best opportunities for you to fly your custom school flags. Nothing makes people feel pride for their school like a little bit of healthy competition, and sports are some of the most popular competitions in the world. Some universities care more about athletics than others, but even the smallest schools can find a proud audience for their sporting events.

Games in the Stadium

School Logo FlagYou can use simple custom made college flags that display your school’s colors and emblem for this sort of event, but there are other options if you want to stand out from the crowd. You can make your flag stand out by incorporating references to the sport along with your school’s emblem, or you could use a silhouette of a distinctive building on campus to represent the university instead of a more traditional symbol. If your university is competing against a traditional rival, you could even include a reference to the opposition on your flag. Custom school flags can be whatever you need them to be, so don’t hesitate to make yours stand out from the crowd.

Games in the Field

custom golf flag tubeSmaller sporting events offer a few special opportunities for custom college flags. Golf clubs can easily show their school pride with a customized set of golf flags, while nearly any sport can benefit from a few custom school banners to mark boundaries.

You can reuse the flags to help draw attention to your team or club during recruitment fairs in addition to using them as a tool for the game. Using the same flags can save a lot of money on decorations while still getting enough attention, which is important for any club that has to operate on a tight budget.

Flags for Parties and Events

suny albany gonfalonsMost custom flags for colleges get used for student and alumni events. Universities fly flags at almost every gathering that they sponsor, and people who want to add a touch of class to their private gatherings often follow their example.

Graduation Parties

Graduation is the culmination of long years of work. Every student celebrates that achievement in their own way, but most of them opt to throw a party, or go to a party that someone else throws for them. Parties need decorations, and the best way to make sure that the decorations suit the occasion is to include a couple of custom school banners.

brunswick gonfalonYou can use the banners on their own, but it’s best to include a few other elements to tie the whole room together. If you want to decorate a long, straight area, then you should place a flag at either end and hang a line of bunting between them. If you want to use more than two flags, then you should be sure that you place them in even intervals to make sure that your decoration looks balanced. Smaller areas can benefit from using ribbons and other small decorations to supplement the flags.

If the graduate was part of any clubs that had their own flags or banners, then be sure to get custom made college flags that use those designs. It’s often a good idea to create a custom design that includes elements that honor a club even if the club doesn’t have a flag of its own. Graduating students are often saying goodbye to clubs that have been important parts of their life for almost half of a decade, so it’s appropriate to honor them at a graduation party.

Alumni Gatherings

embroidery schoolPeople who went to college together have a special bond. They went to the same lectures, they studied in the same library, and they both loved and hated the same professors. That bond can last for years after graduation, and it often draws people together for alumni gatherings.

These gatherings are a natural place to fly custom school banners, whether they’re run by the college itself or by a group of alumni that want to get together. Large events should fly the college’s colors, but events that are restricted to members of a certain club or alumni with a specific major should specialize their flags to suit the audience.

Most people are proud of their college and the education that they received from it, and flags are a great way to express that pride. Custom flags for colleges, their clubs, and their athletic teams are the best way to decorate a room or field for any student or alumni event. If you’re planning an event or managing a club, then you should order a set of custom made college flags to make sure that you can show respect for your school.

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