How to Fold Your American Flag

Your American flag is not just another piece of fabric. Not only does etiquette dictate how you should properly care for your flag, but there is a Federal Flag Code that specifies certain aspects to flag maintenance, as well. One aspect to proper care and keeping of an American flag is specific folding technique. Here is the correct way to fold an American flag:

How to Fold an American Flag
  • To properly fold the flag, begin by holding it waist-high with another person so that it’s parallel to the ground. Fold the flag in half so that the lower half (striped section) has been folded over the upper section horizontally.
  • Fold the flag in half again, this time with the stars kept on top.
  • Beginning at the striped end, fold the lower right-hand corner up so that the top of the triangle meets the top edge of the flag, creating a triangle.
  • Then, repeat this triangular folding until only a small stripe of the star field shows.
  • Tuck this strip into the triangle. Your result should be a triangular “package” with red and white stripes on one side and blue with white stars on the other.

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