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The Flags of the Olympics

Olympic flag

It’s almost time for the Olympic Games. Almost two hundred countries are coming together to compete in the games, and the Olympics are one of the only times that you can see all of their country flags in one place. The Olympic countries flags will fly next to the flags of the Olympics themselves, and… continue

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Flags save lives on beaches

Common beach flags.

With summer here, many families are hurrying to the beach. To make sure they bring everything they need, they might compose a checklist: swimming suits, picnic items and beach toys. But the most essential item is a list of beach warning flags. Around the world, beaches post flags of different colors to alert swimmers to… continue

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The Top Party Decorations for the Fourth of July

Patriotic House

Americans have a reputation for loving their nation and their parties that stretches all over the world. A lot of people find themselves with a lot of Fourth of July party ideas, but it’s also common for those people to run out of ideas when it comes to decoration. There are a lot of different… continue

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Flags fell – and flew – as San Francisco quaked

San Francisco's city flag

Five score and ten years ago, San Francisco was devastated by an earthquake that sparked fires, felled buildings and killed thousands of people. But flags kept hopes alive, including the city flag. Some people think that the Golden Gate city’s municipal flag was created after the famous quake because the banner contains the image of… continue