Author: L.Frawley

History Lessons

First Flag of the United States

The Stars and Stripes has remained relatively unchanged since 1777. Except for an adaptation in 1795 and again in 1818, when two stripes were added and then removed, the flag’s design has only been modified with the addition of stars and the pattern in which the stars are arranged. However, the very first national flag… continue

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Liberty or Death: The Troutman Flag

Troutman Lone Star State Flag

The Texas Revolution (1835-1836) was the inspiration for the Lone Star State’s earliest flags, including the “Liberty or Death” Troutman Flag. Flown by a company of men from Georgia who came to assist Texas with the Revolution, the flag was first unfurled in what is now Freeport, Texas, and carried to Goliad, where it was… continue

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About the U.S. Yacht Ensign

International maritime law requires that vessels have a “national character” and that they display a flag, or ensign, that corresponds to this character, especially when in international or foreign waters. A yacht ensign is simply the national flag flown on ships and large boats to denote nationality. It is the largest flag on board, and… continue