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20 Discounts for Veterans and Military on Veterans Day 2016


At Gettysburg Flag Works, we salute our veterans and appreciate the sacrifices our military heroes have made for us all. In honor of Veterans Day, we have compiled a list of Veterans Day discounts for Veterans and military members. Take a look at some of the many perks for veterans on Veterans Day below! 2016 Veterans… continue

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A Brief History of Veterans Day

Veterans Day

People rarely stop to think about the history of holidays as they celebrate them. Veterans Day may seem like a simple day that is dedicated to flying US military flags and thinking about what soldiers do for their country, but there’s much more to it than that. It’s one of the youngest federal holidays in… continue

History Lessons

Recalling day Lincoln met veterans

Disabled Civil War veterans. (National Library of Medicine)

Veterans Day provides an opportune moment to recall a spring afternoon when President Abraham Lincoln met with disabled vets from Civil War regiments. It wasn’t his only encounter with injured soldiers. In fact, he lived among them for one-fourth of his time as chief executive. Halfway through the Civil War, a chaplain at St. Elizabeth’s… continue