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The first U.S. warship to carry the flag

USS Ranger receives the first recognition of the American flag by a foreign government on February 14, 1778; Quiberon Bay, France.

July 4th. It’s a familiar date. It’s when we celebrate the beginning of our independence as a country. It’s a date that has come to signify freedom, ‘the American way,’ hot dogs, fireworks, and quality time with friends and family. More than anything, it’s a date that offers us a chance to reflect on the… continue

History Lessons

Fourth of July flag flew at sea in 1944

Front page of the Buccaneer, dated July 4, 1944.

For 240 years, the Fourth of July, which marks the debut of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, has been a special day for American flags. On that date in 1944, as World War II continued to rage, a newspaper printed aboard the USS Essex published an editorial titled “Independence Day 1944.” Read in the… continue

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The Top Party Decorations for the Fourth of July

Patriotic House

Americans have a reputation for loving their nation and their parties that stretches all over the world. A lot of people find themselves with a lot of Fourth of July party ideas, but it’s also common for those people to run out of ideas when it comes to decoration. There are a lot of different… continue

History Lessons

POWs bravely waved American flags in prison

The 100th anniversary of World War I is being observed in Europe, as is the 75th anniversary of the first full year of the Second World War. For Americans, 2015 brings the bicentennial of the end of the War of 1812, a good time to recall how U.S. prisoners proudly waved American flags in a… continue