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History Lessons

American flags prominent in Grant’s funeral

On July 23, 1885, Ulysses S. Grant died in a small cottage atop Mount McGregor in upstate New York. He had gone there to complete his memoirs as cancer ravaged him. He succeeded, just as he had in winning the Civil War two decades earlier. In both victories, American flags played major roles. When word… continue

History Lessons

With American flags, a nation bids Lincoln farewell

Through the closing days of April 1865 and into the opening days of May, a train adorned with American flags and signs of deep mourning moved north from Washington, D.C. It would eventually turn west to Springfield, Illinois. It bore the body of Abraham Lincoln. Stopping in many cities along the route, the train gave… continue

Flag Information

Are flags at half-staff or half-mast?

Ah, the question we get all the time.  Which is correct, half-staff or half-mast?  The answer is a little more complicated than the question suggests. According to Wikipedia, the term half-mast goes back to the 17th Century, although it’s not specific about where that was found.  It is, however, the term used in nearly all… continue


“Thank You” on Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day. It’s both a happy day and a sad day. It’s a day to remember those who’ve fought and died for our Country, but mostly a day to celebrate the fine men and women who’ve come home from battle and walk amongst us. For me, it’s pretty easy to keep our American… continue