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History Lessons

Recalling day Lincoln met veterans

Disabled Civil War veterans. (National Library of Medicine)

Veterans Day provides an opportune moment to recall a spring afternoon when President Abraham Lincoln met with disabled vets from Civil War regiments. It wasn’t his only encounter with injured soldiers. In fact, he lived among them for one-fourth of his time as chief executive. Halfway through the Civil War, a chaplain at St. Elizabeth’s… continue

History Lessons

American flags prominent in Grant’s funeral

On July 23, 1885, Ulysses S. Grant died in a small cottage atop Mount McGregor in upstate New York. He had gone there to complete his memoirs as cancer ravaged him. He succeeded, just as he had in winning the Civil War two decades earlier. In both victories, American flags played major roles. When word… continue

History Lessons

Waving Bunker Hill flag – if there was one

Bunker Hill Flag (red version)

June 14 is Flag Day and June 17 marks the 240th anniversary of the Battle of Bunker Hill in 1775, one of America’s early steps toward independence from Great Britain. So this is an appropriate time to link the two. Or maybe not. Some scholars think that the American forces had no flag to wave… continue

History Lessons

Rhode Island took decades to get flag

Rhode Island flag

In 1664, when it was a British colony, Rhode Island quickly came up with a one-word slogan: “Hope.” Then things slowed down. It just squeaked onto the list of the first states in the Union, and it took forever to design a state flag. Even then, R.I. couldn’t make up its mind. Rhode Island became… continue