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History Lessons

Lincoln raises new flag

A sketch of the flag-raising from Harper's Weekly

By James Breig As America marches toward the 150th anniversaries of the Battle of Gettysburg (in July) and the Gettysburg Address (in November), this space has begun sharing some stories about Abraham Lincoln and the U.S. flag. Last week, some of his flag-related speeches from 1861, while he was on his way to his first… continue

History Lessons

Flags and Abraham Lincoln

By James Breig This year marks the midway point in recalling significant – and flag-related — anniversaries in American military history: the continuing bicentennial of the War of 1812, during which “The Star-Spangled Banner” was written, and the ongoing 70th anniversary of World War II, including the raising of the U.S. flag on Iwo Jima…. continue