Stars For Our Troops

2012 Stars For Our Troops Tally

A final tally is in! In 2012 Gettysburg Flag Works received 2787 flags for the Stars for our Troops program. Of those flags 1676 were of a usable size which works out to 60% of the flags. With the usable flags we were then able to make 83,800 pouched stars to thank that many soldiers or veterans!… continue

History Lessons

Half-staff and Citgo’s flag

Some people in Houston became upset when the headquarters of Citgo, located in the city, flew the U.S. flag at half-staff after the recent death of Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela. Citgo is a Venezuelan-owned business. The company also lowered the Texas state flag and the Venezuelan banner. A news article about the outrage engendered… continue

History Lessons

Papal flag waves over airwaves

By James Breig The historic resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and the election of his successor have focused the media spotlight not only on the Vatican, but also on the papal flag. A rare square flag,* it is split vertically in two, half yellow and half white. That’s a change from the original flag of… continue

History Lessons

UN flag has worldview

By James Breig Hosted by Gettysburg Flag Works The flag of the United Nations has been very flexible since it was adopted in 1947. Two years later, it was unfurled – by the building’s project manager — atop the unfinished UN tower in New York City. Through the years, the flag’s map of the world has… continue

History Lessons

Wrapped in a flag

The expression “he wrapped himself in the flag” has a negative connotation that implies someone is using patriotism to disguise baser motives. In the 19th century, however, some people – most of them military figures — were literally wrapped in flags as part of their funeral ceremonies. In 1840, for instance, the last request of… continue