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Snakes on Flags: As American As Apple Pie

There’s a long history of flags with snakes pictured on them, particularly in the United States, where snakes on flags were a very common sight during the era of the American Revolution. Those designs remain popular iconic flags today, due to their striking imagery and symbolism. Several flags with snakes emerged in the colonies between… continue

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Gold Star Mother’s Day

Gold Star Service Flag

Since 1936, the last Sunday in September has been observed as Gold Star Mother’s Day. Much like Memorial Day, Gold Star Mother’s day is a day of remembrance but in this case, specifically for mothers who have lost a child serving in the United States Armed Forces. On this day we not only acknowledge the… continue

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The Marine Corps Guidon Flag

Military Guidon

Marines carry many flags. Obviously, we carry the Stars and Stripes. And, of course, we carry the Marine Corps Flag. There’s one flag that likely stands out in the minds of every Marine who has come through one of the Marine Corps Recruit Depots: The guidon flag. According to the official USMC Flag Manual, “the… continue