Blue Star Flags Show Support for Service Members

If your son or daughter is serving in the military during a time of war or open conflict, you can show your support by displaying a ‘blue star flag,’ or service star flag, in their honor.

blue star banner window

Military service star banners first appeared in 1917, when an Army captain wanted to show his pride in his two sons who were serving in uniform. Since that time they have grown in popularity, and are even mentioned officially in Department of Defense Directive 1348.20, published on 1 December 1967.

Service star flags (or mother’s flags, as they are sometimes called), can be displayed either vertically or horizontally. Hanging the service star banner vertically in a window or on a door is most common.

mothers flag

If you have more than one immediate family member in uniform, you can hang multiple, single-star flags or you can hang up a single banner with the right number of stars. A single banner can have up to five stars.

2 Blue Star Window Banner

You may also see these banners with silver or gold stars.

A silver star signifies a service member who was wounded while deployed abroad. This is not an official practice, and isn’t very common.

The gold star honors a service member who has made the ultimate sacrifice.

May all your stars be blue.

Find a large assortment of service star banners here:

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