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History Lessons

Tribe massacred despite American flag | Sand Creek

In late 1864, the Civil War was nearing its end. For nearly four years, American flags and Confederate banners had been flying above frays fought mainly on the East Coast. Another battle, which occurred in the Far West, involved flags that were ignored. Unrelated to the war, Federal troops descended on hundreds of Cheyenne and… continue

History Lessons

Belatedly, Old Glory rises

In late January 1946, the people of Town Line, New York, raised an American flag to mark the end of the war. But they weren’t noting the conclusion of World War II six months earlier. They were observing the end of the Civil War in 1865. Located near Buffalo, Town Line assembled 113 of its… continue

History Lessons

Fixing flags and saving standards

A Tennessee battalion's ruined banner

They were torn at the Battle of Gettysburg, shot full of holes at Bull Run and ruined by storms in encampments from Maine to Florida. They were the worn-out flags of the Civil War – Old Glory, the Stars and Bars of the Confederacy, and regimental colors. An example is a flag carried by the… continue