Tea Stained American Flags & Banners

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Tea Stained American Flags & Banners

Tea stained flags are a great alternative to a traditional brightly colored American flag, particularly if you are striving for a more vintage addition to your home or garden. Tea stained flags and tea stained pleated flags have a rich, historic look and feel.

Tea stained flags are a more antiqued version of flag, and fit nicely with older homes or for those that choose more vintage types of décor. A tea stained American flag fits nicely with the décor of any type of historical event. Tea stained pleated flags are also a great gift for history lovers.

Gettysburg Flag Works offers three types of tea stained flags, detailed below. If you're looking for antique American flags for sale, these antique-style flags are a terrific option:

Tea Stained Pleated Flags

The tea stained pleated flags are from the Heritage Series. This series represents unique handcrafted workmanship, and a patented antiquing process that are hallmarks within the industry. All of the Heritage Series products are constructed of carefully chosen American cotton, that is also meticulously dyed to create a traditional, colonial feel. All tea stained flags and decorating products within the Heritage Series are 100% made in the USA.

The tea stained pleated flags come available in two different sizes: 1.5x3 foot and 36x64 inches.

Betsy Ross Tea Stained American Flags

Also available as part of the Heritage Series described above is a 3x5' Betsy Ross tea stained American flag. This is a 13 star tea stained American flag made of cotton, with sewn stripes, embroidered stars and brass grommets for mounting.

Tea Stained American Flag

Finally, we offer a 50-star tea stained American flag, which comes in a 2.5x4 foot size with a pole sleeve for mounting. This is the current American flag, but with an antique look. Like our other tea stained American flags, this flag is part of the Heritage Series which means that it's handcrafted, created using a patented antiquing process to give it a very traditional look, and made entirely in the USA.

Products Related to Tea Stained American Flags

House-mounted Flagpoles

In order to properly display your tea stained American flag, you should consider one of our more popular house-mounted flag poles. The aluminum spinning pole is designed to keep your tea stained flags from tangling, no matter the type of weather.

Other Patriotic Decor

If you are using your tea stained flags for décor purposes, you may also consider other types of patriotic décor, such as patriotic pleated fans or even a colonial pull down. Some of these types of décor keep within the same historical or vintage aesthetic as the tea stained pleated flags. Browse our selection of patriotic flags for your house or garden here.