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Celebrate Independence Day with 4th of July Flags, Banners & Decorations

Whether you’re looking for traditional American Flags, Historical American Flags, or a Flag with Fireworks, Gettysburg Flag is your headquarters for Fourth of July decorations. Adorn your home with an American Flag Windsock, promote your store’s Independence Day Sale with our American Flag Pennants, or pick up a dozen American Flag Stick Flags, for your Fourth of July barbecue. We even carry American Flag Lapel Pins and 4th of July T-shirts.


Independence Day celebrates the birth of our nation, so it’s only natural that the American flag is the most popular flag flown on July 4. However, Military Flags and POW/MIA Flags are also popular choices, as are historical versions of the American flag, such as the Bennington 1776 Flag and the Betsy Ross 13-Star Flag. For a unique 4th of July decoration, consider our Statue of Liberty ‘God Bless America’ Flag or the Bald Eagle Flag.


Traditional flags are not the only 4th of July flags and banners that people fly to celebrate the nation's independence. In fact, Patriotic Pleated Fans, American Flag Pulldown Banners and Buntings are often used alongside, or in place of traditional flags. Fans and banners are best displayed by hanging them from a railing, roof, or other long, flat surface, while buntings can be used like garland on fences, above doorways, windows or fireplaces.


In addition to Fourth of July flags & banners, we also carry a variety of patriotic pennants, garlands and garden flags to help you decorate your home or business. Our American Flag Garland is perfect for decorating porch railings, decks and fences, while our American Flag Rectangle Pennants and Stars & Stripes Avenue Banners can be used inside and outside retail stores. If you’re looking for a flag to stake in the ground, our American Garden Flag easily mounts on a garden stand, and our Stick Flags are ideal for lining walkways.


At Gettysburg Flag Works, we strive to set an industry standard in the way we design, manufacture and supply our flags and flag related products. Call us crazy, but we think American Flags should be made in America – which is why our Fourth of July Flags are manufactured right here in the USA. We even have graphic artists and seamstresses on staff who can create a Custom 4th of July Flag for you. To learn more, please contact us online or call 1-888-697-3524.

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