Business Flags: Commercial Flags to Promote Your Company

Business Flags: Choosing a Company Flag For Your Organization

Corporations and businesses fly many types of flags. Most people don't realize that, because all they think of is their local car dealership that flies the biggest American Flag they've ever seen. While that is an example of a business using flags, it's certainly not the only one. Business flags and banners are great for branding, promotion, advertising and more.

Many businesses stick to the traditional flagpole display with an American flag, State Flag and maybe a POW/MIA or Company Logo flag . It's important that they choose durable, commercial grade hardware for these flags. Often the maintenance of these flagpoles rests on the shoulders of the property management company, or the custodian. Keeping maintenance to a minimum makes good economic sense. Having your company flags flying proudly when clients and customers arrive also makes good business sense. Gettysburg Flag Works offers durable flag hardware to keep your flags flying proudly, ways to protect them from theft, and all of the beautiful durable flags you'll need too.

Flags for Businesses and Outdoor Advertising

Companies also benefit from advertising with flags. Your corner deli might fly an open flag , and the antique shop likely has an antiques flag flying out front but there are other advertising flags too. Pennants and streamers are great for decorating a car lot or for an event. Feather flags will liven up your road front and announce promotions.

Avenue banners are often overlooked as a business marketing idea but can be very effective. Malls and box stores often display seasonal or holiday banners in parking lot but those banners can be used to advertise the businesses within the mall or highlight an event too. Many chambers of commerce are learning that there is a great sponsorship opportunity with avenue banners on main street as well.

Customized Commercial Company Flags

A custom business flag is a great way to promote and showcase your organization. Many companies use their logo on a custom flag or banner for promotional purposes. Whether it's a vinyl sponsor banner for the local little league or a gross of corporate logo flags for all of the franchises that you're looking for, Gettysburg Flag Works can help!

Our team will treat your company flag design and images with care. Our graphic artists know how to work with your official colors and help your marketing department get the look that they want when it comes to a flag for your business. Custom flags and banners are great for indoor and outdoor display. We can even create a luxurious sewn flag with fringe for your office!

Learn More About Business Flags from Gettysburg Flag Works

Give us a call at 1-888-697-3524 or contact us online to learn more about the company flag options we have available.

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