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Automotive Flags And Banners

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Motorcycle flags

Gettysburg Flag Works offers a large variety of high quality auto and motorcycle flags. Most motorcycle owners take great pride in not only their motorcycle, but in their country, and where applicable, their arm of service. We proudly offer a motorcycle flag to meet each of these needs. Our American motorcycle flag comes in two different sizes, and can be purchased with our without an aluminum rod. A motorcycle flag bracket can be purchased separately. We have motorcycle flags that represent all arms of the military – Army, Navy, Air Force & Marines. These motorcycle flags are 12x18 inches. Hereto, mounting hardware, including an aluminum rod and motorcycle flag bracket is sold separately.

Auto Flags

A car window flag or antenna flag is a way to take your patriotism on the go. A window flag from Gettysburg Flag Works, even though smaller than our regular flags, is still of the same high quality as all of our other products. A car window flag is designed to withstand the punishing stress of traveling at high speeds, so you needn’t worry about your flag fraying anytime soon.

A Durable Car, Window Flag

The car window flag that we use, mounts on a white plastic staff that fits over the the top of your window. Each car window flag is going to be made of a heavy duty polyester material, perfect for withstanding the winds on the road. In addition, each car window flag is a double thickness, using extra layers of material to help keep the window flag together.

You can choose from a wide variety of designs when ordering your window flag, they aren’t limited to just American flags. We have a window flag from other nations, a pride window flag, and a window flag for each of the armed services branches. Whatever you want to display from your car, you can get at Gettysburg Flag Works.

Car Antenna Flags

A car antenna flag is going to be a little different from a window flag. For a start, an antenna flag is not designed to be used when you’re on the road. Only use one of our car antenna flags when you are either parked or moving at low speeds, like if your car is participating in a parade. The second difference is going to be in the material used. Most of our antenna flags are made out of cotton rather than a heavy duty polyester. This is why the antenna flags should not be used at higher speeds, the material is not as strong.

If you adhere to those simple guidelines then you will be very happy with your car antenna flag. The cotton that each car antenna flag is made of is high quality, despite it not being as durable as polyester. Our antenna flags are made in the US, so even though the price point is low, they are not cheaply made.

Did you know that we also offer custom motorcycle flags and a custom car window flag?

If you don't see exactly what you are looking for in our product assortment, we can create custom motorcycle flags or a custom car window flag for you! Our custom motorcycle flags and a custom car window flag, are extremely popular for customers who would like to add their own personal touch. Custom motorcycle flags and a custom car window flag can include your own image, logo, expression or name, as just some examples.

Our American-made custom motorcycle flags are full color, and are printed on both sides. Custom motorcycle flags are constructed with a sleeve for mounting on a ¼ inch diameter rod.

Our custom car window flags are 12x18 inches and digitally printed on heavy duty polyester. A custom car window flag is mounted on a plastic white staff which slides over the top of your car window.

Products related to a motorcycle flag, a car window flag and antenna flags

If you are looking to purchase a motorcycle flag, you should consider how you will mount your motorcycle flag. Gettysburg Flag Works offers many options for mounting motorcycle flags and custom motorcycle flags. Our aluminum rod is 3/8 inch diameter, and is notched at the top for attaching your motorcycle flag. This rod is standard for up to 12x18 inch motorcycle flags.

We also offer a motorcycle flag bracket. The motorcycle flag bracket is chrome finished, and holds two motorcycle flags off the sides of the motorcycle. This motorcycle flag bracket is a universal motorcycle flag bracket that mounts to the license plate frame on any motorcycle.

Similar to a motorcycle flag bracket, we also offer a bike flag bracket. This flag bracket mounts to the back of a bicycle for your custom or standard bike flag.

If you’re planning on buying a car window flag or an antenna flag that is for ceremonial or parade use, you should also consider a fender flag set. The set contains one flag and one mount and you can choose from two different sizes. These fender flag sets are made for stationary or slow moving vehicles only.