Navy Pint Glass


These high quality 16 ounce pint glasses feature the unofficial Navy motto (Not for self, but country) etched in Latin on one side, with the English translation on the other.

These pint glasses are made in the USA. They make great gifts and are available in single or multiple quantities. Simply select the quantity you'd like from the drop down below.

They are also included in our exclusive Military Pint Glasses Set, which features a pint glass from each of the five military branches.

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Need one of these awesome Navy pint glasses for yourself, or for your favorite veteran? Order yours today!

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The Navy Emblem and Its Unofficial Motto

The emblem on the United States Navy flag is comprised of the inner circle of the Department's full seal encircled by a rope. Since the rope forms a circle it has no end point, alluding to the enduring spirit of the Navy.

In the emblem you see sky, sea, and land, symbolic of the Navy's reach. It features a bald eagle with spread wings representing the U.S. Navy's constant readiness. The eagle has one foot on the ground and the other on an anchor, with the crown of the anchor resting on the ground. Behind the eagle there is a a ship with its sails at full mass. The ship is flying the National Ensign, the commodore's flag, and the commission pennant. This emblem varies from the official emblem of the Navy which features a bald eagle supporting a shield bearing the national colors, and holding a fouled anchor in its grasp. The emblem is also encircled by a rope.

One thing that remains constant across Naval imagery is the anchor. In fact, the first Navy flag featured simply a fouled anchor in a white diamond on a blue background. This image is still widely used in conjunction with the Navy. While not featured on any of the emblems or seals, the Navy's unofficial but universally used motto is “Non sibi sed patriae” which translates to “Not for self, but country.” Though it is not an “official” motto it can even be found inscribed above the chapel doors at the United States Naval Academy.

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The quality is fine and at a price I could afford.
Great glass for some serious Rum and Coke time. I like the motto on the glass, did 8 years in the Navy.
Specific factors:
Military Strong
Nice glasses! I received as a gift from my niece. Military strong.
Specific factors:

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