Meet the Staff

Mike Cronin - CEO

Mike Cronin – CEO

Mike is our fabulous, fantastic, fearless leader. Mike holds a BS and MS from The University of Wisconsin in materials engineering and is a Vietnam-era veteran, having served in the Ordnance Corps of the US Army with an ROTC commission. Mike became an entrepreneur in the flag and banner industry by starting Gettysburg Flag Works in 1993 as a part-time venture. After 24 years of engineering for a small forge shop, the US Army, and a local defense research contractor, he was laid off in 1996 after a turn-down in the US defense industry. Mike then discovered his preference for selling and working with different people. He has built Gettysburg Flag Works from the ground up and now shares the skills he has learned with other aspiring entrepreneurs as an instructor in the Smart-Up program of the Rensselaer County Regional Chamber of Commerce. Mike values memberships in the Rensselaer County Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Albany-Colonie Regional Chamber of Commerce, the National Independent Flag Dealers Association (NIFDA), The Retail Council of New York State, and the NFIB, the National Federation of Independent Business. Even more, Mike values his fantastic staff and the great customer service they provide.

Favorite Anything: Sailing, biking, the color yellow, figuring out solutions to mechanical problems, and inventing tools to make jobs easier.

Andrew Kinerson - General Manager

Andy – General Manager

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As General Manager of Gettysburg Flag Works, my role is to build and develop strategies for our continued success. In order to sustain our ranking in the industry I focus on three key areas, team building, product development, and customer service.

I also play a key role in the day to day operations of the company overseeing all aspects of manufacturing, human resources and marketing.

Cheryl - Website & Marketing Manager

Cheryl – Marketing & Website Manager

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Cheryl has been with Gettysburg Flag Works since 1999. She graduated from The Sage Junior College in Albany, NY with a degree in Graphic Design. Cheryl loves sharing GFW's message with the community on and offline. She updates our website and plans all of our promotions, sales and events.

Outside of work, Cheryl's passion lives in the barn. She raised and trained a Thoroughbred gelding and does low level eventing with him. She likes to say "When life puts a barrier in your way, gather a handful of mane and JUMP!"

Brandon - Sales Associate

Brandon – Sales Associate

brandon @

Brandon joined our sales team in 2010 where he quickly gained an expertise in flagpole and flag hardware. His Marine Corps experience helps him to understand the needs of our many military customers and offers insight with the rest of the staff when we come across a military question or concern.

Brandon's Favorite Things: Fast cars, camping in the Adirondacks, bacon, his dogs, and helping his customers.

Audrey - Lead Seamstress

Audrey – Lead Seamstress

Audrey has loved sewing since she was just a small child. Her mother taught her to sew when she was in kindergarten. She started out with doll clothes to fit a special doll given to her by her grandmother. Prior to joining Gettysburg flag works she ran a sewing business from her home.

Audrey is a proud grandmother of three. She was a girl scout leader and has been involved with boy scouts with her son and grandson. She also enjoys puzzles, which is great practice for some of the complicated flag projects at work.

Audrey's Favorite Things: The color purple and garage sales.

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Kathy L. – Field & Teams Manager

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Prior to joining Gettysburg Flag Works, Kathy managed Field and Teams as a separate company. In 2012, when Field and Teams became a division of Gettysburg Flag Works, she moved the apparel business into the flag company.

Patrick D. - Sales Manager

Patrick D. – Sales Manager

patrick @

Patrick, our Sales Manager, holds a BS from Binghamton University and MBA from SUNY Albany.

With over ten years sales and marketing management experience, Patrick brings a unique perspective that contributes to the ongoing growth of Gettysburg Flag Works. Customer focused and value oriented, Patrick strives to find a solution that fits the needs of every situation.

Kathy P. - Production

Kathy P. – Production

Kathy is our almost-fulltime seamstress. In a "former life" she was a physical education teacher, mostly for children with special needs. She started sewing at age 10 and continues to do so for family and friends. She especially likes the variety of projects she works on at Gettysburg Flag Works. Besides sewing, she does most of the printing on everything from golf flags and boat flags to Christmas ornaments and name tags. In 2013, Kathy learned the in's and out's of our new embroidery machines and has mastered names, logos and clipart designs for your shirts and other fabric items.

Kathy's Favorite Things: Her husband, children, and grandchildren. Favorite hobbies are reading and garage saleing, followed closely by knitting, crocheting, and tent camping.

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Janet – Production

Janet joined the Gettysburg Flag Works sewing department in 2014. Her bio is coming soon.

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Maria – Marketing Manager

Maria joined Gettysburg Flag Works in 2014. Her bio is coming soon.