Trucks and Caps for In-Ground Flagpoles

How To Buy A Flagpole Truck

A flagpole truck is the part that fits on the top of your in-ground flagpole and covers the top, holds the finial in place and includes the pulley which your halyard is attached to. The flagpole truck comes in many sizes, finishes and styles to fit the many types of flagpoles on the market.

A flagpole truck is made to fit flagpoles from 1 3/8" outside diameter to 6" diameter and can be special ordered in other sizes. They are made from cast aluminum which will not rust or rot and come in a variety of colors to match your flagpole. Nylon pulleys are included with our flagpole trucks. Items related to a flagpole truck is the halyard; the rope that goes from the pulley to the cleat and holds the flag, the cleat which is mounted to the bottom of the flagpole and secures the halyard, the clip that attaches the flag to the halyard, the finial which is often an eagle or ball at the top of the pole and the pole shaft which can be made from aluminum, fiberglass, wood or steel.

The most comment type of flagpole truck is an external halyard, single pulley flag pole truck. It slips over the top of your flagpole, has a spot for the finial on the top and the pulley is off to the side to accept your halyard. To order this type of truck flagpole you will need to know the outside diameter of your flagpole. Chose from silver, white, bronze or black finishes to match your pole color.

It's also important to note that ball and eagle finials come with different types of threaded rod, which must thread into your flagpole truck. You'll need to know the diameter and type of threading but the most common spindle is 1/2" diameter and 13NC threading.

Information About Our Revolving Flagpole Truck

Revolving trucks do the same thing as our standard truck flagpole, except that it has ball bearings to allow the truck to rotate with the wind. This is to keep your flag from wrapping around the flagpole.

A double halyard truck flagpole is typically only used for displaying very large flags. It is a way to fly multiple flags on multiple halyards at the same time. This type of truck flagpole will have 2 pulleys opposite each other for 2 lengths of halyard. These halyards are used independent of each other.

Caps for flag poles

A cap is different from a truck flagpole in that it does not include a pulley. A flagpole cap covers the top of the pole and holds a finial but is typically used on a pole that has a pulley on the side of the pole.

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