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Flag Pole Retainers

Your flag on a flag pole endures many stresses, including wind, weather and friction. A retainer is made to keep the flag closer to the flagpole and spread out the stresses along the hoist end of the flag. Use a retainer at the bottom of your flag for either an internal or external halyard flagpole . If you are flying a very large flag, or you are in a high wind area, it's also helpful to add a retainer in the center of the flag. Retainers are sold based on the bottom diameter (butt diameter) of your flagpole.

Flag Weights

A flag weight is used at the bottom of a flag arrangement to help keep the retainer down on the flag pole when experiencing high wind. Especially with lightweight and very large flags, the wind can pick up the flag, sliding the hardware up the flagpole. This creates wear on the flag pole and creates a situation where your flag and hardware can get tangled. This leads to a shortened lifespan for your flag but also doesn't look very nice. Weights come in several sizes. We recommend using the least amount of weight that works to hold your flag down.

Optional Flag Pole Hardware

Because each installation is different, there are many parts that are available, but not necessary for your flag pole. Most are made to reduce stress on the pole or increase lifespan of the flag. Items such as springs can be used to absorb shock when winds get gusty. For help with your flag pole, please call us.

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