Signal Flag String of 40 Flags


A fun collection of nautical signal flags for your home, dock, boat or party! These flags are a perfect finishing touch for any nautical themed design!

  • Lightweight nylon
  • Flags are 6" wide by 10" or 15" height and are separated by 7" of cord
  • Total length is over 40' including 36" ties at each end
  • Imported

  • Buy 6 for $37.50 each and save 22%

The system of international maritime signal flags are a way of sending messages to and from ships. The various flags represent alphabetic and numeric messages. These strings do not spell out a message but are great for parties or decoration.

Quick Info:

Material Nylon
Mounting Rope Ties
Length 40'
Flagpole Decoration
Buy a set of these about every 9 months to fly on our flagpole in the hot Florida sun.

A lot less expensive than full sized signal flags, that would last about the same amount of time.
Specific factors:

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