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Pennsylvania Flags – State of Pennsylvania Indoor & Outdoor Flags

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About Pennsylvania Flags

Pennsylvania was one of the first states to adopt a state flag, and the design of Pennsylvania’s flag has changed very little since then. In fact, the core features of the Pennsylvania flag have gone unchanged since the decades following the American Revolution.

History of Pennsylvania Flags

In 1777 the state seal of Pennsylvania was created and officially adopted in 1791, and the Pennsylvania state legislature authorized the use of the seal on a flag for the state militia in 1799. However, the original description of the flag was relatively vague, leading to a wide variety of designs being used throughout the nineteenth century.

In 1907, the state legislature chose to standardize the Pennsylvania flag by specifying its precise colors and dimensions. A proposal was made in 2005 to add the state's name to the bottom of the flag, however, it was never approved.

Pennsylvania Flags: Colors & Symbolism

Pennsylvania flags include a deep blue field with the state seal in the center. The seal features an eagle sitting atop a shield, which is supported by a pair of horses. The shield includes a plow, a ship, wheat, corn, and an olive branch. The state motto, “Virtue, Liberty and Independence” appears on a scroll beneath some sprigs and holly.

The plow symbolizes Pennsylvania's natural resources, while the ship represents the global trade that carries those resources to the rest of the world. The wheat is a symbol of the state's wealth, and the corn and the olive branch stand for peace and prosperity.

About the Keystone State of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn and settled by the Quakers in 1682. During the French and Indian War, Pennsylvania's western part was acquired, and Pittsburgh was founded. In September 1776, the independent government was established, and on December 12, 1787, the state ratified the Constitution.

Area of Pennsylvania: 45,308 sq. miles
Capital: Harrisburg
Major Products: coal, iron, steel, mushrooms, tobacco, wheat and other cereals
State Motto: Virtue, liberty and independence

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