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The California state flag is commonly known as the Bear Flag in honor of its emblem. The earliest form of the flag was flown during a rebellion against the Mexican government that ruled over California, which makes the California flag one of the few state flags to originate as part of a rebel movement. It is also one of only four state flags in the United States that does not include any blue sections, which combines with the flag's unique emblem to make a flag that is very easy to identify.

Colors and Symbolism of the California State Flag

California flags have a white field with a red stripe that runs along the bottom. The flag's canton displays a red star, and the center of the flag features a large grizzly bear above the words "California Republic." The grizzly bear is a symbol of resilience and strength, but it also represents the state's unique history and culture. The bear on the California flag was modeled on the last Californian grizzly bear to survive in captivity. The single star on the California flag is a symbol of the state's revolutionary history.

History of California Flags

The California state flag is derived from the flag of the Bear Flag Revolt, which began in 1846. The revolt led to California gaining its independence from Mexico and joining the United States after only a few weeks, but those few weeks were enough to provide California with one of the most distinctive flags in the United States. The original flag resembled the modern flag, but the bear and text were placed near the star in the canton. The depiction of the bear was also significantly less professional than the current design. It was designed by a Californian named William Todd, who produced the first flag with the materials that were available to him at the time. Todd's flag was kept kept for display until 1906, when it was destroyed in a fire.

The design used for modern California flags dates back to 1911. The design was very popular, so the fundamental aspects of the design have never changed in spite of later laws that served to clarify the precise details of the flag's design.

A short history of the California State flag
In 1846 Californian settlers hoisted a flag with a red star to show that they wanted independence from Mexico. Ten years later the red star reappeared, together with the components of today's flag, when a further attempt was made to form an independent state. The grizzly bear is seen as the ideal symbol of ferocity. During the earthquake of 1906 the original design for the flag was lost. A new one was made in 1911.

A short history of California (The Golden State)
California was part of the Spanish and Mexican territories. Before the war with Mexico, settlers declared an independent state at Sonoma, and raised the American flag at Montery. It became a state on September 9th 1850.

Area of California: 158,693 sq. miles
Capital: Sacramento
Major Products: Oil, Natural gas, Minerals, Gold, Cotton, Fruit, Livestock, Timber, Fish, Manufactured goods, Aerospace, Electronics, Tourism
State Motto: I have found it (Eureka)

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