Bonnie Blue Flag

Civil War Flag. This flag achieved some popularity in the South in 1861. It was not used by the confederate government but was a well-known symbol of the confederacy.

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Blue field with white star, Historic Civil War Flag

Republic of West Florida
This is actually the flag of the Republic of West Florida. It was originally raised over the Spanish Fort San Carlos--what is now the Pentagon Barracks--in Baton Rouge, Louisiana September 23, 1810. It was later co-opted by Confederates, and this single star on a blue field is where the Texas flag gets its star. My 4th great grandfather travelled from Bayou Sara with a group of revolutionaries to take Baton Rouge, and Feliciana from the Spanish and several months later cede it to the US. Many revolutions and independence movements across the country used this flag. It's a shame that it's considered a symbol of the Confederacy, and its real history is ignored.
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12x18" Nylon, Applique (Sewn) GFA00201
12x18" Cotton, Applique GFA00202
2x3' Nylon, Applique (Sewn) gfa01829
3x5' Nylon, Printed a319925
3x5' Cotton, Applique gfa01636
3x5' Nylon, Applique (Sewn) gfa01721
4x6' Nylon, Applique (Sewn) gfa01824
5x8' Nylon, Applique (Sewn) e060282
6x10' Nylon, Applique (Sewn) gfwa06120