Five Fun Flags to Fly in Front of Your Home

Flags are a fun, festive way to decorate your home, and there are many varieties to choose from. While an American flag will show your patriotism, you can show your individuality and passion through many other flags as well. From a New York Yankees flag to a Labrador Retriever animal flag , you can find the perfect flag to suit your style. Perhaps the most popular type of flags, aside from the American flag, are holiday flags to celebrate the season.

Around December, flags with Christmas trees, presents and menorahs are common, while pumpkins and ghosts often inhabit flagpoles around Halloween. Whatever the holiday, there is a perfect flag to represent it. There are even flags to represent the seasons, from snowflakes for the winter to beaches and sand castles for the summer . A festive seasonal flag is the perfect way to show your holiday spirit!

Sports flags are just as festive as holiday flags. Hanging out a team's flag on game day will certainly let neighbors know where your loyalties lie! Both professional sports teams and college sports teams have flags that can be seen around the neighborhood. However, sports flags aren't limited to team logos. Why not hang up a golf club flag to show your love for hitting the links? No matter what sport or team you love, you will find a fun flag to proudly fly outside your home.

Another way to show your pride is by hanging flags of the world outside your home. Those who are proud of their heritage will often fly the flag of their ancestors right alongside the American flag . The flag of Ireland is one of the more popular flags of the world, mostly because of St. Patrick's Day . Proudly displaying a world flag is the perfect way to express your respect for your heritage.

An increasingly popular type of novelty flag being sold is the pet flag . Pet owners love to show the world how much they love their animals, and hanging a flag with a Poodle or cat outside is a great way to brag about your beloved pet. There are breed-specific flags that many dog and cat owners choose to fly, while small animal owners may find a parakeet or fish flag more their taste. Even non-pet owners may want to hang up wildlife flags to show their love of nature and the great outdoors.

Finally, a very unique type of flag is the announcement flag. Usually reserved only for special occasions, announcement flags proclaim exciting news to your friends and neighbors. Graduation flags , complete with caps and diplomas, are a common sight in June. There are also flags to symbolize new additions to your family. A "Just Married" flag lets everyone know about your nuptials, while a flag heralding "It's a Boy" or "It's a Girl" will bring a smile to the face of just about any passerby. There are many ways you can decorate your house for a special event or holiday, and hanging a flag from the front of your home is the perfect way. From seasonal flags to celebration flags, show your enthusiasm by hanging a fun novelty flag outside your house!