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Army Pint Glass

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Looking for a creative way to celebrate and honor your favorite veteran or active duty Army member? Look no further than our Army pint glass!

These high quality glass pint glasses have the Army motto - This We'll Defend - etched on one side, with the Army white star emblem etched on the other. They make great gifts, and they're the perfect way to show your Army pride in the kitchen or wherever you prefer to enjoy a drink or two with the ones you love.

Our Army pint glasses are available in single or multiple quantities. Just select the quantity you'd like from the drop down below!

See our Army pint glasses in action and hear a couple of amazing stories from an Army Veteran (Artillery) in our new video series: Share a Drink. Share a Story.

Need one of these awesome Army pint glasses for yourself, or for your favorite soldier? Order yours today!

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The meaning behind the Army Emblem

The emblem of the United States Department of the Army has changed very little since its establishment in 1775. The emblem centers around a piece of armor known as a Roman cuirass, a symbol of strength and defense. To the left and right of the cuirass is a cannon with a stack of cannon balls and a mortar with bombshells, respectively, and coming out of the cuirass are an unsheathed sword (center), an espontoon (left), and a musket with a fixed bayonet (right). These are representative of the tools used by the Army while carrying out their duty.

The emblem also features a U.S. flag to the left of the cuirass and the Army's flag to the right. The U.S. Flag rests on a drum and drumsticks, symbolic of the Army's duty to serve the country and its people. A phrygian cap, a symbol of freedom and the pursuit of liberty far predating the United States, rests on the tip of the unsheathed sword. Above the cap is the Army's motto “This We'll Defend” on a scroll held by a rattlesnake, a piece of imagery frequently featured in colonial period flags, representative of the Army's unwavering mission to protect and preserve its country.

Besides the official emblem of the Army, the five point star is also a piece of iconic military imagery. Variations of the star came into use during World War II where it was used to identify Army planes and other vehicles.

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