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Business & Promotional Flags


Gettysburg Flag Works offers a variety of advertising and promotional flags to attract customers and drive business to your retail storefront. Choose from Feather Flags, Wave Banners, Teardrop Flags, and Wind Dancer Flags, as well as traditional Open Flags.

Our Business and Promotional Flags are ideal for restaurants and bars, car dealerships, retail stores, hair salons and spas, schools and college campuses, professional offices, apartment complexes, new home communities, trade shows and showrooms, festivals, fairs, farmer’s markets, and so much more.

Here’s everything you need to know about the different types of promotional flags we offer, so that you can pick the right one for your business or event.


Feather Flags

Our Feather Flags attach to a pole on only one-side, allowing them to flutter and flap in the breeze – perfect for when you want to attract attention from a distance. Digitally printed, single sided with the reverse image on back, our feather flags are lightweight enough to fly in the wind, yet they are constructed of all-weather nylon to ensure durability.

Choose from our 26”x12’ Stock Design Feather Flags, our Solid Color Feather Flags in a variety of sizes, or create a Customizable Feather Flag with your own artwork. We also offer in-house design services and can create a fully Custom Feather Flag to meet your needs.

Pair with our Superflex Telescoping Flagpole for extra eye-catching movement. Our feather flags are constructed with a 3” sleeve and sewn closed at the top for easy mounting.


Wave Banners

Our Wave Banners still provide some movement, but they can also be effective in wind-less conditions since they are made to attach to a pole that curves at the top. The curved pole, which looks like the crest of a wave, ensures the flag stays open, even if there is no wind.

Made in the USA of durable, all-weather nylon fabric with reinforced stitching, these flags can be used outdoors or inside for showrooms and trade shows, provided you have enough clearance. Our wave banners measure 11’ x 2’ and are available in over 20 colors. We also offer in-house design services and can create a fully Custom Wave Banner to meet your needs.

Pair with our 14’ fiberglass Wave Flagpole, and a Wave Flagpole Stand or Water Bag.


Teardrop Flags

As the name indicates, our Teardrop Flags are shaped like an upside down tear drop. These flags are fully tensioned, meaning there is no free edge for the flag to flap in the wind. This is a great option if you want a promotional banner that works both inside and out, since the image on the flag will display clearly whether or not you have wind.

Constructed using durable, all-weather nylon, our teardrop flags are 10’ high and 30” across at the widest point. Choose from various designs and colors to match your brand, as well as stock messages, including ‘Welcome’, ‘Open’ and ‘For Rent’ teardrop banners. We also offer in-house design services and can create a fully Custom Teardrop Flag to meet your needs.

Pair with a 14’ fiberglass Teardrop Flagpole, and Spike Ground Mount or Surface Mount Stand.


Wind Dancer Flags

Our Wind Dancer Flags offer the most movement of any of our business and promotional flags. Available in 2 foot widths and a variety of lengths – from 8 to 15 feet – these banners truly dance in the wind. We offer more than 20 different colors of solid wind dancer flags, as well as stock designs, including ribbons, stripes and an American Flag wind dancer. We also offer in-house design services and can create a fully Custom Wind Dancer Flag with your artwork and brand colors.

Made of durable all-weather nylon, these unique shaped promotional flags require special hardware for mounting to the Superflex Telescoping Pole (sold separately), however, installation is easy and a diagram is included with the kit.


Open Flags

Let customers know you are open for business with our durable nylon flags. We offer both horizontal and vertical mount Open Flags in a variety of colors, which remain bright even if kept out in the sun.

Made in the USA of durable, all-weather nylon, our open flags include a digitally printed center stripe and sewn side panels with four rows of reinforced stitching. Choose from single reverse or double sided, where the “open” will read correctly on both sides.

Available in 2’x3’ or 3’x5’ designs with a pole sleeve attachment or canvas header and grommet for mounting to a standard flag pole.

For additional questions about our business and promotional flags, contact us or give us a call at 1-888-697-3524.