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Cheryl has been with Gettysburg Flag Works since 1999. She shares GFW's message with the community on and offline.
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Discovering the New York State Flag – Part 1

Gettysburg Flag Works is just a skip and a hop (over the Hudson River) from Albany, the capital city of the State of New York.  For that reason, just a month ago, we were called in to assist on a news story relating to one design element in the state flag.  The story goes, that… continue

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Are flags at half-staff or half-mast?

Ah, the question we get all the time.  Which is correct, half-staff or half-mast?  The answer is a little more complicated than the question suggests. According to Wikipedia, the term half-mast goes back to the 17th Century, although it’s not specific about where that was found.  It is, however, the term used in nearly all… continue


“Thank You” on Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day. It’s both a happy day and a sad day. It’s a day to remember those who’ve fought and died for our Country, but mostly a day to celebrate the fine men and women who’ve come home from battle and walk amongst us. For me, it’s pretty easy to keep our American… continue


Military Service Member Gift Guide

The holidays are rolling around again, as evidenced by the store shelves near you already decorated in their Christmas glory. Never-mind that Halloween hasn’t happened yet, nor Thanksgiving. It seems that the fall and winter holidays have merged over the years. Soon we’ll be calling it Hallo-give-me-a-xmas-gift-newyear and “celebrating” from September through January. This would be fine… continue


Toupée’s for Troops | Gettysburg Flag Works

It is that time of year again! November is fast approaching and that means our annual No Shave November campaign will soon begin. No Shave November is a special event that was started many years ago as fun way to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer & cancer research. Last year at Gettysburg Flag… continue