Custom Rush Order - Best Effort Basis

We at Gettysburg Flag Works, Inc. are proud of the products and services we provide. It is our policy not to start production until an artwork layout and colors are approved for custom orders.
RUSH  ORDERS - If there is insufficient time to obtain artwork approval, Gettysburg Flag Works, Inc will complete the production on a BEST EFFORT basis at your request.  To request BEST EFFORT work, please print out and complete this form.  Payment must be received in advance.  Credit cards are accepted. There are no refunds for orders done on a BEST EFFORT basis.
Complete this form, sign and fax the form to our Custom Department at (518) 479-3662. 


I understand that in order to receive the requested custom products on a RUSH basis, a perfect color match may not be possible and I waive artwork approval and color selection/matching and authorize Gettysburg Flag Works, Inc. to proceed on a BEST EFFORT basis for the custom product(s) shown on quotation number __________.   I further agree to bypass all color correction processes and samples and accept responsibility for any color variations.  I further agree to pay for this order in advance and acknowledge there are no refunds for this BEST EFFORT order.
Organization Name: _______________________________________

Representative:  Print Name _________________________________

Representative: Signature __________________________________  Date ___________

Credit card Number: ____________________________ Expiration:___________

Name on Card: __________________________________

Billing Address of Credit Card. ________________________________________



Signature of Credit Card Holder ________________________________________