About Gettysburg Flag Works

When was Gettysburg Flag Works established? 1993

How did it all come about?  Back in May of 1993 Mike Cronin started selling flags and flagpoles out of his home and car.  He would stop in at local businesses with a catalog of products and a few popular items in the car.  He grew a local customer base and pretty soon his inventory was too large to keep in his home, so he established our first retail store space in 1998.  It was only 525 square feet (including the bathroom!!!).  Since then we have outgrown that location and a second location of 1700 square feet, and at just over 12 employees, we moved to our own warehouse/retail space of 5400 square feet.

Why flags? Mike's background is in materials/metallurgical engineering.  During the Vietnam War he served at the Watervliet Arsenal developing cannon production systems for the US Army .  He's a patriotic guy who has a love for his country and the service people who keep us safe. Mike left the Army in 1975 and after nearly 25 years as a metallurgist, fate led Mike to his calling as an entrepreneur in the flag business.

Why The Name Gettysburg? Mike chose “Gettysburg" from a list of battles fought on American soil.  It represents Americana, the Pennsylvania Dutch (Deutsch) work ethic, the courage of citizens fighting for their freedom, and reminds us of one of the greatest American presidents, Abraham Lincoln, and the Emancipation Proclamation.

Who Are We? With Mike as our fearless leader, the Gettysburg team is a fun, family-like group who enjoy working together and helping our customers.  We are a diverse group with many interests and expertise. Our staff members have family and friends serving in the military, are involved with scouting or other youth activities, enjoy art, the outdoors, traveling, boating and several other things.  We love to make and sell quality products that our customers can be proud to display.

What Do We Do? Probably our most important product is our knowledge.  Each of us has a specialty, a product line that we are well acquainted with and know a lot about, and we're happy to share with you.  As you browse the pages of our website you will see a huge variety of products.  Our roots are in the flags and flagpoles, but we also carry everything related to them, and many other non-related items.  We customize flags , banners, flagpoles and bases to meet our customers' needs. Our decorative banners and photo products make great gifts, and our military products are always popular.