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Flag of Vatican City State / Papal


Vatican/Papal flag

Capital of Vatican City State: Vatican City

Area of Vatican City: .44 sq. km

Official Languages used in Vatican City: Italian
Religions in Vatican City: Roman Catholic

The flag of Vatican City was adopted on June 7, 1929, the year Pope Pius XI signed the Lateran Treaty with Italy, creating a new independent state governed by the Holy See. The Vatican flag is modeled on the flag of the earlier Papal States.


The flag consists of two vertical bands, one of gold (hoist side) and one of white with the crossed keys of Saint Peter and the Papal Tiara centered in the white band. The crossed keys consist of a golden and a silver key, in which the silver key is placed in the dexter position. The flag is one of only two square country flags in the world, the other being the flag of Switzerland.


The Vatican City coat of arms can be found in the white half. The coat of arms consists of:

  • the papal tiara (as used under the pontificate of Pius XI);
  • the two keys which represent the keys to Heaven (according to the Gospel of Matthew 16:19) given by Jesus Christ to St. Peter. The popes are regarded as the successor of Peter, and the gold and silver keys have been significant elements in the symbolism of the Papal State since the 13th century. The gold represents spiritual power, while the silver key represents worldly power.
  • a red cord connecting the keys.

The yellow and white of the flag also refer to the keys – in heraldic terminology, there is no distinction between yellow and gold (the metallic color or), nor between white and silver (argent).

The flag is flown or displayed worldwide in Roman Catholic churches and institutions, usually alongside the national flag of where the church or institution is located.


Vatican / Papal Outdoor Flag Pricing

Printed nylon flags for long-lasting outdoor display

Flag Size Mounting Type Code Price  
2x3' Canvas Header & Brass Grommets a093150 $45.60 Add To Cart
3x5' Canvas Header & Brass Grommets a093200 $52.50 Add To Cart
3x5' 3" Pole sleeve with tab fz1532052 $59.10 Add To Cart
4x6' Canvas Header & Brass Grommets a093300 $62.60 Add To Cart
4x6' 3" Pole sleeve with tab fz1532092 $73.30 Add To Cart
5x8' Canvas Header & Brass Grommets a093400 $100.20 Add To Cart
6x10' Canvas Header & Brass Grommets e035237 $194.95 Add To Cart


Vatican / Papal Indoor Flag Pricing

Vatican / Papal Fringed Flag Pricing

Luxurious printed nylon flag with gold fringe and a pole sleeve with tab for mounting. Made for display indoor or for marching in parades.

Flag Size Code Price  
3x5' a093700 $65.60 Add To Cart
4x6' fz1532093 $79.00 Add To Cart


Vatican/Papal flag

Vatican / Papal Stick Flags

Printed polyester flag mounted to a staff

Bases & Brackets sold separately

Flag Size Mounting Type Code Price  
4x6" (inch) Mounted to a 10" black plastic staff with gold spear e034410 $2.99 Add To Cart
8x12" (inch) Mounted to an 18" black wood staff (.25" diameter) with gold spear e034411 $7.95 Add To Cart


Vatican / Papal Presentation Flag Sets

Vatican / Papal Presentation Flag Sets

Complete set for display indoors or for use without the stand in a parade display. Printed nylon flag, oak pole, pole sleeve for mounting, gold elite floor stand (8lb for 8' set, 15lb for 9' set), 9" tall gold aluminum catholic cross ornament, gold cord and tassle decoration with each set.

Size Info Code Price  
3x5' flag, 8' pole No Fringe fz1552052 $211.00 Add To Cart
Fringed fz1552053 $216.00 Add To Cart
4x6' flag, 9' pole No Fringe fz1552092 $247.00 Add To Cart
Fringed fz1552093 $252.00 Add To Cart


Vatican/Papal flag

Vatican / Papal Decorative Buntings

Sewn nylon fans


Vatican/Papal flag


Vatican / Papal Car Window Flag

Vatican / Papal Car Window Flag


Vatican/Papal flag


Vatican / Papal Lapel Pins

Vatican / Papal Lapel Pins


Vatican/Papal flag



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